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teardrop banners in Harare Zimbabwe

Teardrop Shark-fin Banners in Harare Zimbabwe


3m Teardrop Shark-fin Banners

Ranging from:

$100.00 each


$190.00 for two

Product Description

Teardrop Shark-fin Banners printing  and designing prices in Harare Zimbabwe

Teardrop Shark-fin Banners printing and designing in Harare Zimbabwe is all done here at Advert Guru PL. Teardrop or Shark-fin banners are popular for outdoor events but can also be used indoors with a different base that can be used on floors. They may be used in singular form and or I 4 cluster way. Teardrop Shark-fin Banners are normally used in impact visual marketing and brand advertisements. Outdoor banners of this type are mostly popular as trade fair banners, golf day banners, school advertising banners, church banners, corporate or company banners, feather banners etc. They are mostly printed on one side using transparent flag material or sometimes printed double sided.

Teardrop Shark-fin Banners Sizes

  • 2m
  • 3m
  • 4m


Process – Digital Dye Sublimation

Material –  100% Polyester Flag Material

Output – Single Sided Print 80% See through

Included – poles, print, bag, ground or floor spike.


Cost and Delivery of Teardrop Shark-fin Banners

2m – $90

3m – $100

4m – $140


Teardrop Shark-fin Banners come with a huge surface area allowing brands to be printed brightly.

Teardrop Shark-fin Banners have a visually strong impact on all by passers.

Teardrop Shark-fin Banners are one of the most adaptable, versatile flag banner on the outdoor and indoor market.

Teardrop Shark-fin Banners is easy to set up and portable.

What is the difference between Teardrop, Shark-fin and or Telescopic Banners

Shark-fin banner, which is also referred to as a Sharkfin Flag or simply a Teardrop Banner or Flag. The other shapes include Telescopic and also Arc banner. All these portable flags/banners come in 2m(h), 3m(h) and also 4m(h). The Telescopic flag/banner comes in a 6m(h)  as well. The Shark-fin banner is the teardrop shape and the Telescopic is rectangular shaped, the arc banners is a combination of both. They all basically cost the same and it’s entirely up to the client which shape they prefer.



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