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Business Cards

100 Business Cards – Full Colour $20.00

200 Business Cards – Full Colour $40.00


1000 Business Cards – One Colour $65.00

2000 Business Cards – One Colour $80.00

1000 Business Cards – Two Colours $100.00

2000 Business Cards – Two Colours $115.00

1000 Business Cards – Three Colours $135.00

2000 Business Cards – Three Colours $150.00

1000 Business Cards – Full Colour $180.00

2000 Business Cards – Full Colour $195.00

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Product Description

A business card is not just a piece of paper with your logo and contact details. A business card may be an explication of your expertness. If it is dowdy it clearly doesn’t reflect well on you. We design beautiful business cards that potential customers will not want to throw away.



Business cards may also be used as a type of advertising and marketing. As such, they also ought to represent the business in style and words. A properly designed business card is one that the receiver needs to hold onto, and one that stands out in a throng.



A business card also represents faithfulness, dependability and honesty that a business person and or organization would attach its name and contact-details to a physical card. Not only is an organization’s reputation / credibility at stake if no business cards are used, but also the organization stands the likelihood of being forgotten about when a potential client leaves the representative’s or company’s presence.



Business cards are not regularly small – 90cm by 50cm is the commonest size – making them convenient to place in a pocket, wallet or purse. Business cards are adequately small enough to enclose in a letter, hand out, display on a store counter.


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